The Gift of Complete Care - Cat

The Gift of Complete Care - Cat

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    All of the same essential care + extra enrichment since a healthy cat’s stay is almost double.   Your gift shows the extra care is worth it for a cat to get a new loving family.

    Mew! I’m Hunter. I was feeling so yucky after eating the food they used to feed me. I had to scratch and scratch my itchy skin. It hurt so much, but I kept licking the sores to make them feel better. When my family brought me to the shelter, I felt so sad. They just weren’t able to care for me anymore.

    Thankfully, the wonderful humans at the shelter knew exactly what to do! It took some time, but they were determined! They gave me nice healing baths, special medicine and a food that didn’t make me feel bad. Phew. I’m feeling so much better and really happy to be living in my fur-ever home. Thank you for helping me!

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