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    Help bring hummingbirds and other pollinators to your garden with these beautiful flower seed packs! These seed packs are specially chosen for our west coast climate, to grow in our mix of shady and sunny spaces.

    All proceeds go directly to Wild ARC so they can continue their live-saving work with injured and orphaned wildlife.

    Each seed pack includes 5g: 

    Cottage Garden Mix Wildflowers (full sun)

    Tranquility and beauty will surround you when escaping to your relaxing oasis of this age-old country style garden. Cottage gardens have adorned countless properties for centuries. Bright and cheery shades of gold, pink, blue, lavender and white will continue to bloom all season long as they grow in a natural setting or as a border of any traditional flower garden.

    This antique style garden will never go out of style and includes Zinnias, Poppies, Cosmos, Candytuft, Perennial Lupine, Johnny Jump Ups, Four O'clocks and Forget-Me-Nots to name a few. Hummingbirds and butterflies will just love it!

    Western Mix Wildflowers (partial shade)

    A blend specially suited for semi-shaded areas and western Canadian climates. Requires about 1-4 hours of strong filtered sunlight per day. Mixture includes 16 annuals and perennials such as Lupins, Poppy, Coreopsis, Flax, Blanket flowers and others.

    How to grow wildflowers:

    Soil/Nutrients: Easy to grow. Average, well-drained soil with minimal fertility.

    Water/Light: Wildflowers are very adaptable to different environmental conditions. For best results, grow in full sun to light shade. Providing extra moisture during dry spells is beneficial.

    Planting: Prepare a well-worked seed bed. To sow seed, simply broadcast evenly over a seed bed. For large areas, mix seed with sand to help highlight the seeded portion and provide even coverage. Once seeded, press lightly into the soil or lightly rake in just to cover the seed. Firming the soil after seeding will ensure the seed will not be washed away.

    Plant care: To ensure a good show of colour each year, resow a small amount of wildflower or mixed annual seed each spring.

    Orders of 2 packages of seeds or more will be shipped in multiple shipments.

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