WindowAlert Bird Saver UV Liquid
WindowAlert Bird Saver UV Liquid
WindowAlert Bird Saver UV Liquid

WindowAlert Bird Saver UV Liquid

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    Window decals are sold separately

    Each year, hundreds of millions of songbirds perish as a result of window strikes in America. Now, you can be part of the solution. After two years of chemical engineering, WindowAlert announces the ultimate product--UV Liquid. UV Liquid is designed to fill in the gaps between our decals (sold separately) on windows--providing complete window protection. WindowAlert decals catch the attention of birds. UV Liquid completes the visual barrier.

    UV Liquid is easy to apply - Simply use our bingo marker to make dots on window glass. The dots dry to virtually clear, last three months, and are easy to remove.

    Amazing, but true: In Canada more than 25 million birds are killed by collisions with windows every year - a death rate equivalent to several hundred Exxon Valdez oil spills. By putting these decals on your windows, you truly are saving a life!


    • WindowAlert UV Liquid may be used only on an exterior glass surface that is free of any overlay, tinting, film, or coating.
    • Apply UV Liquid when glass is cool to the touch (early morning, overcast, shade, etc.). Cool conditions allow UV Liquid to slowly dry to clear.
    • Clean glass thoroughly. Make sure glass is free of chemicals and cleaners before applying decals.
    • Invert the bottle and press the felt tip against a cloth towel to break the seal behind the felt tip. You will hear a click.
    • Very gently touch UV Liquid marker to the glass, forming a dot the size of a dime. To avoid dripping, do not touch too hard and do not squeeze the bottle.
    • Attempt to create a "visual barrier" across the glass surfaces. Apply WindowAlert decals. Then, apply UV Liquid to areas between the decals.
    • The ultraviolet reflectivity of UV Liquid will fade due to exposure. For best results, reapply every four months or test with the WindowAlert UV Flashlight.
    • Bottle lasts 12 months. If application turns milky, dispose and purchase new bottle.
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