The Gift of Complete Care - Cat
The Gift of Complete Care - Cat

The Gift of Complete Care - Cat

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    All of the essential care, plus extra enrichment since a healthy cat’s stay is almost double that of a dog.  Your gift of extra care is worth it for a cat to get a new loving family.

    Meow! I’m Ali. I was living all alone, just trying to get by, when something hit me in the thigh. It hurt so much and I was very scared. I’d been in fights before, but this was very different. 

    When I arrived at the BC SPCA, I didn’t trust anyone. But they gave me food and removed whatever was hurting from my leg, so I’m feeling a lot better now. They said it was from a pellet gun. I don’t know why someone would want to shoot me, but I’m so happy to be with caring people now. I’m slowly starting to learn how to trust and give love again. Thank you for caring about me!

    + combine this gift with a Gift of Protection to provide the extra resources and care needed for animals recovering for cruelty 

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