Senior Care
Senior Care

Senior Care

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    At nearly 13 years old Teki found herself all alone in the world in an animal shelter. Scared, confused and in need of surgery to remove multiple lumps causing her discomfort. Years of neglect meant she also needed oral surgery and a saggy mass in front of her left hind leg that will need to be carefully monitored in case it impedes her walking.

    She was underweight, her ribs showing through her dull, oily coat.

    In pain, barely mobile and generally uncomfortable, Teki showed staff she still had plenty of love in her left to give. Her unwavering sweetness and trust in people instantly fills you with joy. She is a very laid-back girl who loves nothing more than to fall asleep on the couch in front of a warm fire. She gets along well with dogs and loves people. She has a wonderful temperament and deserves an awesome retirement home!

    Dogs spend their whole lives loving us, when it comes to their twilight years, we need to love them back even more! This gift provides a day of regular care plus special medication, extra bedding and modified exercise for a senior animal like Teki needs.
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