The Gift of Comfort
The Gift of Comfort

The Gift of Comfort

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    First day health check, with treats and toys, for an animal who arrives in our care. Your gift provides a loving welcome to animals in need!

    Ruff! I’m Tanner. My paw hurt so bad, but there was no one around to help me. Someone tied a disposable mask around my paw, but it didn’t help and it was hurting so much!  

    When I arrived at the BC SPCA, they gave me a health check and discovered that my poor paw was even worse than it looked. I was in danger of an infection that would hurt my whole body. I needed surgery on my paw, so now I have a stump where my paw was before. It takes some getting used to, but I feel so much better now! No more pain so I can run around and play! Thanks for helping me get better.

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