The Gift of a Mother's Love

The Gift of a Mother's Love

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    Orphaned and abandoned kittens need around the clock care. Your gift generously provides these tiny babies with one week of care. 

    Meow! I’m Terry. My litter sisters and brothers and I were all dropped off at the shelter when we were wee babies. Orphaned kittens need around the clock care, and I needed more than most – I was born a bit different.

     I tried to play with my brothers and sisters even if it meant dragging my smaller leg along the ground but it hurt too much. One of the nice humans at the shelter gave me a tasty treat and I went to sleep for a bit. I woke up with an itchy bandage where my sore leg had been! I was happier once they took the bandage off. I’ve figured out how to leap about with only three legs – and my new mum loves me just as I am!

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