The Gift of Protection
The Gift of Protection

The Gift of Protection

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    For a fearful animal who has been abused or neglected, a visit from an Animal Protection Officer can seem like a miracle. Your gift will provide a Rescue Health Check, which could be the first experience of kindness an animal has known. 

    Woof! I’m Stormy. I was so scared, alone and hurt before I met my hero, Mark, from Animal Protection Services. He’s so brave and strong! My fur was falling out in clumps, I have
    some bald spots and my neck is really raw, itchy and sore. My ears also ache, and my nails are so long that when I scratch, I make myself bleed even more. My hero, Mark, thinks it might be allergies and I’ll be all better soon, but I need another hero like you to help. Will you protect me?

    + combine this gift with a Gift of a Mother’s Love for a loving hand of kindness to young animals recovering from cruelty

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