Can I try on items?

Each branch carries their own stock, which can mean all, or just a few of the items available depending on what has sold. You can contact your nearest branch directly to find out what they have here:


Can I exchange or return items?


You can send it back to us with a note enclosed letting us know if you want a refund or exchange and the size you want. If it is available we will send it back free of charge, if not you get a full refund.

Send to:

Return (or) Exchange

C/O Vanessa Beja


1245 East 7th Avenue

Vancouver BC V5T 1R1

 Who runs the BC SPCA online store?

The online store has just one staff member who dedicates only a small part of her day towards the online store, as she has many other tasks assigned to her. Luckily, there are amazing volunteers who use some of their free time to help out the animals by putting together orders and stocking the shelves - the animals are very lucky to have them!

Everyone works out of a small space in the Vancouver shelter, where everything is stored and displayed. This means there is very little space to keep large quantities of any one item on hand. Which explains why you may see things sold out quickly. 

For any other questions please contact shop@spca.bc.ca